Friends of the Johnson City Dog Park Association, Inc.

The Friends of the Johnson City Dog Park Association, Inc., is a membership run organization. Our board meetings are held once a month in the board room at the Winged Deer Park Administration Building, in the rear of the building. The board meetings are open to the everyone. Dog park members are strongly encouraged to attend. 

Next Board Meeting:

Board Meeting:

October board meeting has been canceled.

Our Current Board Members

Jim Turnbull  -


Membership Director

His dog is: Winston (Terrier Mix)

Scott Kirkby  -



His dogs are:  Maddie (Scottie) and Tulip (Westie)

Jennifer Kirkby -



Her dogs are:  Maddie (Scottie) and Tulip (Westie)

Kristi Powell -

Member at Large -

Her dogs are: Calliope Jane (French Poodle) and Figaro (Cocker-Beagle Mix)

Bill Lewis - Our Honorary Board Member

His dogs are: Marni (Terrier Mix), Mandi (Hound - Pit Bull Mix) and Shooter (Foster dog - Plott Hound)

Christy Harris -


President -  Chair

Her dogs are: Tuva (Husky) and Chap (Husky)

Photo to be updated

Brian Puster -

Member at Large -

His dogs are: Milly (Aussie) and Colbie (Aussie)

Anthony Meyer  -



Vice President - Vice Chair

His dog are - Morrison (Husky), Maynard (Husky) and Vedder (Akita)